Now, you may be wondering just what is going on here, and how exactly it has any connection to this ol’ tin shed here by the beach. It takes some watching, then some explaining.

Harrison Roskopp, executive producer. Aha. That would be the boychild of our overlord here. So there’s the family connection. But it goes deeper than this. Way deeper. There could be a whole lot else at work. For instance, the goings on in this video are not entirely that different in theme to what occurs here when Rob is sick, or when someone has poached his parking spot. Secondly, could this all be Rob’s way of grooming a successor to our current videographer? Flipper is doing good work, but he lives in South Africa and probably demands a higher salary than Rob’d be able to leverage his child for in some sort of slave labor/company store situation.

And third, could Harrison and his crew be the hope for a dream that I personally have held close and dear to my heart for a very long time - the first EVER stop motion, claymation, freeride film, complete with an acapella metal soundtrack? We can only hope. As for Harrison, strong is the force in this one. But he still has some work to do before claiming primacy in the world of Lego stop motion Star Wars homage:

Just sayin’… May the force be with you, young Roskopp. We could be witnessing the rising tide of the next George Lucas. Keep an eye out for Harrison’s version of THX1138. Or, if we want to keep things in step with his executive producer billing, his remake of the Indiana Jones series. Get to work, kid!