Reaping the Hashtag Bounty 2

One week has passed. Time for another reaping of the hashtag #santacruzbikes. In which we all say goodbye to Will Dixon, who is fleeing our clutches for the bright lights of the big city:

Wherein Morga_Deth showed off the hardcore side to Laguna Beach (who knew??):

Whereby Seb Kemp redefines “upbeat” in the face of ugly surgery (his quote being, “when life gives you lemons, it’s best to squeeze them over fish.”):

Where our New Zealand distributor finally found some love for the wagon wheels:

And during the span of which it would seem a lot of folks got some bicycle riding done in some pretty awesome places:

Thanks to you all for riding our bikes, for seeing the world through your eyes, for sharing that view, and for inspiring us and others. Keep spreading the hashtag love! As for us, we’ll be here (well, all of us except WILL DIXON will be here), punching the clock, keeping it, as the kids say, real:

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