The crowning glory of the season.  Greg Minnaar’s second World Championships victory… and the first time a carbon bike takes an Elite Men’s Downhill Gold at Worlds.

The 7th and final round saw Greg round off the World Cup season with a 2nd in the overall.  Josh nailed a solid 6th place overall, whilst Steve battled misfortune to close a season he’ll be happy to put behind him.

The Syndicate get back on track at Round 6 in Val d’Isere with a double podium for Minnaar and Bryceland.

Round 5: The Windham Wobble.

Then came Round 4 in Mont Sainte Anne.  Minnaar takes the second spot this time and keeps the Syndicate’s podium run going…

So, let’s pick up from where we left you all hanging…

Here we catch the continued rise of RatBoy, as he clinches a podium spot at Round 3 of the UCI World Cup in Fort William.

After months of anxious waiting, the Mars Science Laboratory team at Nasa react after learning that someone has finally logged back into the 104 Bronson Blog.

After months of anxious waiting, the Mars Science Laboratory team at Nasa react after learning that someone has finally logged back into the 104 Bronson Blog.

Downhill Lessons.

Val Di Sole, round two of the 2012 UCI DH World Cup, just came and went. Our Irish spy, John Lawlor, was there to document the highs and the lows:

It was a bittersweet weekend for the Syndicate and our people. Stoked to see Minnaar maintaining his unflappable consistency, but stunned to see Aaron Gwin put such a beating on everyone. That was a lesson. Also really tough to see Cedric get as badly hurt as he did, and still not sure of how that is all going to pan out. In the video above, you’ll also see Josh Bryceland take a pretty ugly soil sample during his race run, even though he somehow managed to recover from that bell-ringer enough to still finish 37th. All in all, this served to make us all realize what a punisher Val Di Sole is. For reference on the nature of punishment at Val Di Sole, please see 2011:

Or 2010:

That place is a beast. Just ask Sam Hill:

Or Steve Peat that same year, for that matter. Bring on Fort Bill, where we all get to speculate where the Gwin unit gets his powers from. We think it has something to do with the Ginger Magic:

Now before the carrot-tops and semi-albinos of the world get bent out of shape, bear in mind that we present the above video with the highest respect. Our head engineer is a ginger, and the guy who writes this is a closet ginger who can’t step outside without a good coat of spf80. And we dig the hell out of some Die Antwoord. So it wins in both directions. Sort of. Get your money bets rolling. Fort William is going to be a barn burner this year!

Big Brother Files, part 1.

This post features the instagram photographic stylings of our very own Eric Oglander -

- who has been stretching open his art-chakra at work today, with this peek behind the facade of pretty bikes:

It is also refreshing to see that the time honored SCB tradition of hacking up builder cards into something more playfully disturbing is still fully intact:

Good eye, Oglander. Now get back to work.

Reaping the Hashtag Bounty 2

One week has passed. Time for another reaping of the hashtag #santacruzbikes. In which we all say goodbye to Will Dixon, who is fleeing our clutches for the bright lights of the big city:

Wherein Morga_Deth showed off the hardcore side to Laguna Beach (who knew??):

Whereby Seb Kemp redefines “upbeat” in the face of ugly surgery (his quote being, “when life gives you lemons, it’s best to squeeze them over fish.”):

Where our New Zealand distributor finally found some love for the wagon wheels:

And during the span of which it would seem a lot of folks got some bicycle riding done in some pretty awesome places:

Thanks to you all for riding our bikes, for seeing the world through your eyes, for sharing that view, and for inspiring us and others. Keep spreading the hashtag love! As for us, we’ll be here (well, all of us except WILL DIXON will be here), punching the clock, keeping it, as the kids say, real: